Welcome to INtax

Indiana Department of Revenue is launching a new e-services portal to manage your corporate and business tax obligations.

Business Customers: Do not Wait. Migrate to INTIME now! INtax will no longer accept returns and payments for Sales or Withholding tax obligations after the Dec. 31, 2020, filing period.

To get started, click on the appropriate link:

  • INtax - (Log In or Create new Account)
    INtax will continue to provide the ability to file and pay for the following tax types until July 2022:
    • Gasoline Use Tax - GUT
    • Alcohol - ALC
    • Motor Fuel - MFT
    • Special Fuel - SFT
    • Transporter Tax - TRP
    • Other Tobacco Products - OTP
    • Type II Gaming - TTG
    • Vehicle Sharing Excise Tax - VSE
    • Aviation Fuel – AVF

  • Instructions to migrate to INTIME:
    To migrate to INTIME please login to INtax (Log IN) to obtain your migration code and INTIME link to complete the transition. If you have any questions on INTIME, you are encouraged to call 317-232-0129. INtax will be available with limited functionality during this transition to file and pay 2020 business tax obligations until February 28, 2021.
  • Transition to INTIME to send messages regarding your Retail Sales, Withholding Tax or other business tax accounts. INTIME provides real time account status and messaging with knowledgeable DOR customer service representatives for these tax types.